Join Allison Sobel, Robyn Freeman, and special guest teacher, Don Meyer, for a special day-after Thanksgiving practice! Flow and enjoy this 90 minute class in celebration of all of your blessings. Together we will create connection, community, and an attitude of gratitude through the transformative power of the Baptiste Yoga Practice. All funds will go to support the work of The Africa Yoga Project.


What is the Africa Yoga Project?
Africa Yoga Project is a unique organization that was started in Nairobi, Kenya, by Paige Elenson, a member of the Baptiste Power Yoga family. AYP focuses on creating sustainable communities through yoga and its ideas of unity, possibility, and non-violence.

In addition to organizing free yoga classes to many different populations, including schoolchildren, community members, and women in prison, AYP gives its native Kenyan teachers the opportunity to support themselves by teaching others how to find personal power in their own lives. The nonprofit provides its teachers with top-level training, much-needed stipends, and ongoing support to become leaders in their communities. AYP has also organized a number of projects to directly improve the lives of those in Nairobi, such as contributing to water-conservation efforts and building local schools.

By harnessing the transformative power of yoga, Africa Yoga Project has created a positive movement in a poverty-stricken area. With our continued support and awareness, we can make a change both in our hearts and around the globe.

$20.00 minimum suggested donation, with all proceeds going directly to Africa Yoga Project.