Our signature 60 minute barre class is an upbeat, total body workout. You will tone and sculpt your body with non-impact exercises that isolate and strengthen each muscle group. Expect high repetitions, continuous flow, thoughtful choreography and energetic instructors that keep you moving and motivated.

Barre 45

Barre 45 is a condensed version of our signature barre class. Dynamic combinations and quick transitions will challnege you to push to your limit. You’ll be in and out before you know it!

HIIT the Barre

HIIT the Barre combines small-muscle barre exercises with cardio and large-muscle moves from other workout genres—like cardio kickboxing or Tabata intervals to create an intense, dynamic class. This interval barre workout strengthens and tones the body while increasing your metabolism and endurance.

Core Focus 45

Core Focus 45 is a 45-minute Pilates based mat workout. Ab-centric exercises flow together to flatten your stomach, strengthen your core, and sculpt your arms and seat. Light weights and other props will be used to enhance these exercises and add an extra challenge. All levels are welcome! Please note that, unfortunately, due to the nature of this specific class, we do not recommend Core Focus for our pregnant clients after their first trimester.

Power Yoga

Our goal at Focus Barre and Yoga is to create a warm, loving, non-competitive environment where you can practice and learn about yoga. Our teachers are passionate about yoga and care about you. They use their own voice and style to create an authentic class that is skillfully taught to provide you with an outstanding physical practice and a thought provoking message that will resonate with you throughout the rest of your day. The classes we offer are either 75 minutes or one hour, and both are designed to have you moving, breathing, sweating, and motivating you to obtain your personal goals.

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga with a twist! We use hand weights in yoga sculpt to tone muscles throughout the entire body while moving through classic yoga postures. This class has a cardio component to get the heart rate up and blood flowing. The studio is heated to a warm 85-90 degrees. Expect to sweat!