Celebrating Love & Family with Helpusadopt.org

SPRING SEASONAL SEVA: Join Allison Sobel and Robyn Freeman for a special vinyasa class: Celebrating Love and Family with Helpusadopt.org.
Monday May 13th is a special Spring Seva event in honor of Mother’s Day. Allison Sobel and Robyn Freeman will jointly offer a special vinyasa class at 9:30am to honor our love for all moms and families.


All proceeds from the class and donations will benefit Helpusadopt.org, a national non-profit organization that awards grants to qualified couples and individuals, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, marital status, or sexual orientation, to help with their adoption expenses. You may also purchase gorgeous Helpusadopt.org custom bracelets, tote bags and leaves for the symbolic Helpusadopt.org Family Tree.

Every year, Helpusadopt.org receives hundreds of applications from deserving people who desperately want to become parents and do have the resources to raise a child. They simply do not have the lump sum of money to pay for adoption – which is often as much as $40,000. It’s heartbreaking to think of the people who want to be moms and dads but the costs put their dream out of reach…and the babies born every day and children waiting in foster care and orphanages around the world who deserve loving forever families.
We hope you can join us at this exciting event! Many thanks in advance for your support. With yoga we can celebrate love and help bring even more children home to their forever families.