Jackie Aronchick Cox, MEd, CSCS
Head Field Hockey Coach
Haverford College

When did you start teaching spinning?

-I started teaching spinning when I was 16, so 1998. My mom brought Spinning to the Main Line YMCA when it first started so I decided to get certified when a master spinner came and certified the instructors interested at the YMCA. So it was my mom who really got me into teaching. She is my inspiration! I started teaching a weekend class in high school and then I taught during the summer in college. When I graduated I started teaching year round and found Focus Fitness and asked if they needed any certified instructors. Lucky for me Allison was interested and I have been teaching at Focus since 2006!

What is your favorite part of spinning class?

-My favorite part of a spinning class is riding on a long hard windy flat that matches up with the perfect heart pumping song. The challenge of keeping a fast pace against harder tension brings the adrenaline out of me. Those are the times I can really get in the zone.

What advice would you give someone new to spinning?

-The advice I would give to a new spinner is to take the first couple classes to get used to the positions and the levels. Don’t be too hard on yourself and give yourself a few classes with a few different instructors. Everyone uses different routines, different music and we all have different vibes. Ask for advice or help if you need it!

What are some of your hobbies outside of FFML?

-I love to run. I run about 4 days a week and usually 5-7 miles.

What do you think makes FFML special?

-FFML is a place where you can walk in and feel welcome immediately. It is different than any other gym or club I have experienced because you don’t feel like one of many members. I also know that we care about our members and take an interest in finding out what they want, so I think that is very special! You are bound to come in and feel special and get a great workout whether it is in the spin or yoga studio.

What are some of your go-to songs for cardio workouts?

-Whenever I need a song to get me into the mood to workout I start out with Metallica Hero of the Day, or We Found Love by Rihanna.

What’s your favorite way to spend a free afternoon?

-Currently with my husband and son. I can’t get enough of his smiley face!

How do you describe your style of teaching?

-Motivating and energetic. I like to treat my classes as if I were coaching my field hockey team. I try to think of things to say that would motivate everyone to dig deep and get the best possible workout that they can give themselves that day.

What do you LOVE about spinning?

-I love that anyone can do it! You control your bike and there is no judgement since the room is dark!

How do you maintain FOCUS in your daily life?

-Truly I maintain my focus by daily exercise to release the built up energy. When I have a lot going on in my head and I have already exercised that day, I either close my eyes and take deep breaths trying to clear the clutter, or I call my mom!

Come try Jackie’s Spinning 60 classes, YeS+ class and High Intensity Interval Training class on Saturday, March 22!