Teagan loves teaching yoga because it provides her with the opportunity to share with other people something that she is so passionate about herself. She is a devoted practitioner who is constantly striving to learn more about yoga so that she has more to share with her students. She teaches yoga that is fun, engaging, well-aligned, heart-felt, and inspired. She has taken teacher trainings in a variety of styles, including power yoga, vinyasa yoga, anusara, and yogahour.

In her teaching, she combines the knowledge she has gained from her studies in creating a flow that is a reflection of herself and her yoga education. Teagan has been a dancer all of her life, so beauty, fluidity, and grace of moment is very important to her in her practice and in how she teaches. Additionally she is invested in helping people to align in the most optimal ways for their body and in helping them to connect to themselves on a deeper level through their practice.

Besides yoga, Teagan is particularly passionate about food. She has a Ph.D. in Food Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania. She also studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and graduated first in her class. She loves combining yoga and food for an all-around wonderful experience.