Peggy’s journey into yoga began her senior year of college, when one of her mentors on campus suggested that she try out his yoga class. Peggy could barely touch her toes, but something about the vinyasa style practice kept her coming back to class and wanting to learn more about the practice of yoga. In 2012, Peggy completed a Power Yoga training at Power Yoga Works. She received her 200 hour certification in 2013.

Peggy’s classes are upbeat, challenging, and empowering. She wants all of her students to feel comfortable in class, at whatever level they are practicing in the current moment. Laughter and lightheartedness are strongly encouraged!

Peggy also completed a restorative yoga teacher training in November 2014. She is excited to incorporate some of these poses into her classes, and to cultivate a sense of calm for her students, no matter how challenging the class.

In addition to teaching yoga, Peggy is a full time law student. When she’s not practicing, teaching, or buried in her schoolwork, Peggy can be found making quilts on her sewing machine, hiking in the great outdoors, watching reruns of 30 Rock, and eagerly awaiting the next seasons of House of Cards and Downton Abbey.